Sunday, May 17, 2009

Today 70 degrees, first short sleeve day of the year at Sarvey. I go to get Freedom so she and I can trample fresh grasses on our way to the pond. First we must play 'catch the eagle'. I get her riding gear from the truck and head into the flight. Freedom runs up to her large perch, acts like she's going to jump on it bobing and weaving, a head feint here, mis-direction shoulder drop there, a little fancy footwork she spins away and at the last second as I crouch down with the eagle glove on blocking her avenues of escape (conveniently leaving one open)---whoosh--- in a blur of white light she's past me, head down grinning as she runs. "I got you" she seems to be smirking as she bolts by. Now we head back up hill and into the hide away room, then and only then does she hop on her perch.

This room was made specifically so she could get away from people viewing her if she wanted to. She likes this room as a play room, she has a perch in there and only uses it when she ready to go meet her peeps.

Now I offer the glove and she happily steps up and lets me put her jesses and leash on. It's time for the walk. Off we go down the hill heading towards the pond which is covered by what looks like fine pieces of cotton just floating on the surface. Into the shadows we go stepping around fallen branches from the winter storms and popping back out into the sunlight. Cinnamon the deer is asleep by the fence, she opens her eyes, looks at us and dozes off. She and Freedom have known each other along time. Cinnamon has a deformed foot, she is not releasable.

As we are hanging out Freedom is rather chatty today, she keeps going and going, she has a lot to say. As the conversation winds down Freedom comes up with a sound I have never heard from her before, an extremely high pitched, steady chirp that is almost a whistle. I look at her and she looks at me and does it again, this time even longer. I smiled, touched her talon and said "thanks".

We had a good day.

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