Saturday, May 9, 2009

The New 'Pebble Dance'

Just last weekend Freedom made me laugh as about as hard as I ever have before. She was in a great mood, feeling funkified and wanting to dance. I had just arrived at Sarvey, as I drive up she knows the sound of my truck and her white head spins around in recognition. I hop out and walk over to her flight, she greets me with an animated 'chak chak'---and that's when the 'dance' starts. She jumps down off her perch and waddles (she doesn't like me to say that but it's true) over towards me, grabs a talon full of pebbles, squeezing the talon full a few times and then dropping/throwing them down. She looks at me and does a little Motown step, one foot over the other, back and forth as she bobs her head in time dancing her way up the hill. Talk about a bird in a great mood, we were having serious fun now. Then as a friend watches she does the exact dance heading downhill.
Good to see the introvert has vamoosed, let the good times roll.

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  1. Jeff, This is too funny. Several of my exotic birds dance, too. My friend's cockatoo does the "hood walk." We crack up at her when she does. She takes a few steps that way and then stares at her feet as if to say, "What the heck are you things doing?" Hope you can get a video of Freedom and her dance.